Best beaches from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo – Limon – Costa Rica



Salsa Brava – Puerto Viejo


1-Salsa Brava Beach / Puerto Viejo

Known as a good spot for surf and for great mojitos in Salsa Brava Bar. Nice sunset.


2- Cocles Beachbreak

Surf spot, board rentals, surf lessons. Easy access, just next to the road.


3-Punta Cocles

IMG_3492IMG_4260Coral reef and sandy beach. Natural pools suitable for families with toddlers. Access through Hotel Villas del Caribe.

4-Playa Chiquita


Playa Chiquita, considered best beach in the world by experienced travellers, is a sandy beach with coral reef and a nice jungle that hosts a lot of wildlife. It is a good option for families with children for its nice natural pools. It is difficult to find the path through the jungle to get to such a nice place. Ask around.

5-Punta Uva


Long and sandy beach with good access from the road. Punta Uva beach is good spot for kayaking and snorkeling, and for enjoying a day at the beach with a bbq style restaurant right there.

6-Arrecife Beach


Such a great place, palms right in front of the water, coral reef, a restaurant with cold beer and accessible by car/bicycle from the road.


Little village of Manzanillo, at the very end of the road, with a nice jungle and beach with coral reef. Place for local families to enjoy Sundays and bank holidays in such a long beach. Local restaurants offer traditional Afro-caribbean cuisine.


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Top 5 Restaurants from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo / Costa Rica

El Refugio Grill Restaurant

Restaurante El Refugio Grill en Punta Uva

El Refugio Café and Grill

Punta Uva; Road from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, km. 8 / Tel. 2759 9007

Our guests’ favorite place to have a special dinner when enjoying vacations in Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. El Refugio Grill is located next to the road but goes unnoticed since its main building is hidden in the lush vegetation, overlooking the splendid forest of Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Fernando, the Argentinian chef, prepares some delicate plates and cocktails. We can truly recommend its “Entraña con Chimichurri” (red meat) or the tasty Grilled Tuna Filet is also one of our preferred plates. As per drinks, Argentinian and Chilean wines are very well served in fine wine glasses and cocktails are delicious options to get in the mood for a meal in the jungle.  Open from 5pm. Closed on Wednesday.


La Casita Azul

La Casita Azul Restaurante en Playa Chiquita

La Casita Azul

Playa Chiquita / 2+ miles from Puerto Viejo

Formerly known as Café Aguas Claras, La Casita Azul is a new and excellent option for either lunch or dinner in Playa Chiquita . They have an extensive menu of predominantly Mediterranean cuisine – some Argentinian dishes too- very properly prepared and presented. This blue little house is especially nice and all tables are set in a very airy terrace, perfect spot for a hot day. Open from noon up to 9 pm. Closed on Wednesday.



Pura Gula Restaurant

Restaurante Pura Gula en Playa Chiquita / Puerto Viejo

Pura Gula

Playa Chiquita / 3 miles from Puerto Viejo

Mediterranean cuisine with a personal touch provided by chef and owner from Barcelona Marc Olivella. Pura Gula has a short list but exquisite dishes, with some original details that makes this restaurant a must for Slow Food lovers. Open for dinner only from 5 pm. Closed on Sunday.


Café Viejo

Puerto Viejo, Main Street / Tel. 2750 0817

High quality Italian cuisine; Café Viejo features an awesome list of home-made pasta and deliciously cooked meats. It is probably the best restaurant in Puerto Viejo as per service, quality of food and list of wines. Open from 5.30. Closed on Tuesdays.


Jungle Love Café

Playa Chiquita / 3 miles from Puerto Viejo / Tel. 2750 0162



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Los 5 Mejores Restaurantes de Puerto Viejo a Manzanillo

Los 5 Mejores Restaurantes de Puerto Viejo a Manzanillo / Limón / Costa Rica

La siguiente lista de los 5 mejores restaurantes de Puerto Viejo a Manzanillo ha sido elaborada en La Kukula Lodge según comentarios de nuestros huéspedes durante los meses de julio a septiembre de 2014 y, cómo no, según nuestra opinión y experiencia:


El Refugio Grill Restaurant

Restaurante El Refugio Grill en Punta Uva

El Refugio Café and Grill

Punta Uva; Carretera de Puerto Viejo a Manzanillo, km. 8 / Tel. 2759 9007

Es uno de los lugares preferidos de nuestros huéspedes para disfrutar de una cena especial. Se encuentra al lado de la carretera pero pasa desapercibido al estar construido entre la vegetación y con vistas a la espléndida selva del Refugio de Manzanillo. Fernando, el chef argentino, tiene buena mano para preparar y presentar los 8 platos del menú. A tener en cuenta el sabroso filet de atún al grill, la entraña con chimichurri o los pulpitos al vino. Para beber sugerimos la CaipiRRica, el cóctel especial de la casa que ayuda a ponerse a tono antes de comer. Abierto a partir de las 5pm. Cerrado el miércoles.


La Casita Azul

La Casita Azul Restaurante en Playa Chiquita

La Casita Azul

Playa Chiquita / A 4 km. de Puerto Viejo

Anteriormente conocido como Café Aguas Claras, La Casita Azul es una nueva y excelente propuesta de restaurante en Playa Chiquita. Tienen una extensa carta en la que predominan platos de cocina española y argentina, muy correctamente preparados y presentados. El lugar es especialmente agradable y las mesas se encuentran en una terraza muy bien aireada, ideal para días de calor. Abren al mediodía para el almuerzo y para cenar. Cierran el miércoles.


Pura Gula Restaurant

Restaurante Pura Gula en Playa Chiquita / Puerto Viejo

Pura Gula

Playa Chiquita / A 5 km. de Puerto Viejo

Cocina de autor con toques mediterráneos aportados por el propietario barcelonés Marc Olivella. Pura Gula tiene una lista de platos corta pero exquisita, con detalles en cada uno de los platos ofrecidos. Recomendamos el lomito en salsa de pimienta, los calamares con vegetales o alguno de los pescados del día que suele tener fuera de carta. Abierto para cenas desde las 5 pm. Cerrado el domingo.



Jungle Love Café

Playa Chiquita / A 5 km. de Puerto Viejo / Tel. 2750 0162

Cocina internacional, pizza y cócteles


Café Viejo

Puerto Viejo, calle principal / Tel. 2750 0817

Cocina italiana de alta calidad, exquisita pasta casera y carnes. Posiblemente el restaurante con mejor servicio de Puerto Viejo. Además es buen lugar para ir a tomar una copa bien servida después de cenar, sobre las 9 pm. Abierto a partir de las 5.30 pm


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Playa Chiquita, our neighborhood

Playa Chiquita Beach

Playa Chiquita – Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica

Playa Chiquita is 3 miles from Puerto Viejo, just on the main road towards Manzanillo.  In Chiquita, there are 5 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, one grocery store, 6 lodges and a stunning white sand beach with palms almost inside the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Playa Chiquita is considered one of the most pleasant and quiet areas, and some call it the “Beverly Hills of the South Caribbean coast”

There are currently over 20 different nationalities among Playa Chiquita residents and it is considered a convenient neighborhood to live in because of amenities like the famous and well-stocked grocery store El Duende Gourmet Shop, restaurants for dinner such as Pura Gula, Jungle Love Cafe, Shawanda, Pita Bonita o Sabores del Mundo, 2 restaurants for breakfast and lunch, Botánica Orgánica and Soda Vida.  Also 2 rent-a- bikes, 2 cafes, a massage-center and a fashion clothing store. And of course, one of the most beautiful beaches in the southern Caribbean coast, with a private or exclusive feeling since it is accessible only on foot along a jungle path.

Chiquita beach is considered to begin at Punta Cocles and to end in Punta Uva; and it is formed by three bays with palms, white sand and coral reef. There is no doubt that walking down these three small bays is wonderful, highly recommended and almost essential to realize such untouched nature exists all along  Costa Rica’s South Caribbean coast. The coral reef in Chiquita beach is also noteworthy, with 3 different plates that are interconnected and can be accessed easily from the sand if sea conditions are appropriate.

Wildlife lovers will find in Playa Chiquita an excellent place to spot Howler Monkeys, Three-toed Sloths, Agoutis, Raccoons and a wide variety of Coastal and Jungle birds. Most properties in the surrounding area are very well preserved and this has allowed wildlife to remain here, even with human presence. Thus it is very frequent that travelers experience the pleasure of spotting a group of Howler Monkeys right next to the beach or see in live how a Three-toed Sloth struggles to cross a road and finally climbs up a tree for shelter and food.

Jaguar Rescue Center, located 1 mile away from La Kukula Lodge, is one of the most wanted tour for all nature lovers that visits Playa Chiquita and Puerto Viejo

List of restaurants and shops in Playa Chiquita / Puerto Viejo:

  • El Duende Gourmet Grocery Shop
  • El Duende Rent a Bike
  • El Duende Barber Shop
  • Chiquita Cafe
  • Monkey Bike Rental
  • Massage Center Denise
  • Restaurant Pura Gula
  • Restaurant Jungle Love Cafe
  • Restaurant Pita Bonita
  • Restaurant Sabores del Mundo
  • Restaurant Shawanda
  • Chocorart – Chocolate Shop
  • Alice Ice Cream
  • La Botánica Orgánica Cafe